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Maintenance Includes:

  • Use of antimicrobial agents on filters and plenums
  • Check refrigerant charge and track leak rate if system is losing refrigerant (electronic leak checks extra). Note: refrigerant leaks may damage equipment
  • Inspect controls, contacts, amp out motors for efficiency, light cleaning, and disinfecting cooling coils, washing condenser coil and cleaning condensate drain lines (extensive cleaning extra)
  • Lubricate motors, inspect blower assembly, fan blades, blower wheel, compressor, check amps and test heat and cooling as seasonally applicable.
  • Replace or clean air filter as needed (cost of air filters not included)

General Conditions:

  • This agreement includes two visits at six moth intervals.
  • Agreement/benefits end at non-renewal.
  • Automatic renewal keeps all benefits in place! Contract will be renewed at half the yearly cost per visit.
  • Non-renewed agreements lose club member benefits and are subject to new agreement.
  • Note: this agreement is non-transferrable and non-refundable and only applies to the equipment at the specified location.
  • It is members responsibility to contact our office at 386-736-1426 to schedule your appointment, you may leave a voice message after hours for your convenience and the office staff will get back to you. Text and Email notification/reminders can be set up, as a courtesy, but we cannot guarantee that they will be received.
  • Please inform our office of any changes in contact information.
  • If member fails to schedule PMA, CSI is entitled to retain monies owed and member will forfeit PMA visit.

Limited Warranty:

  • All materials, parts and equipment are warranted by manufacturers or suppliers written warranty only. All labor performed by Comfort Service Inc. makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, and our technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of above-named company.
  • It’s the members’ responsibility to inform us of any problems or concerns as soon as possible.
  • Disclaimer: mold, mildew and fungus are found in the environment inside and outside any home. Comfort Service Inc. is not a mold specialist and recommends seeking an expert for concerns.
  • It is the members responsibility to check all circuit breakers, filters, and thermostat settings before calling for service, or a service call charge will need to be rendered.
  • This planned maintenance agreement is to ensure optimum performance, minimize costly breakdowns, and increase equipment life expectancy. No other guarantees or warranties are expressed or implied.

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