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Planned Maintenance

You are already paying for a maintenance program and don't realize it in costly repair bills.

Save money instead with our planned maintenance agreement.

We notify you for a convenient time to:
  • lubricate
the motors
   check electrical
  check refrigerant charge
  clean and disinfect the blower wheels,
    indoor coils and drain pans
   flush drain lines before they overflow.

This all adds up to a healthier home.

Planned Maintenance Customers Receive Priority Service

Do you service your ac regularly? Do you flush out the tubes and replace the filters as you were told to, or do you sometimes forget? Maybe monthly air conditioning service seems too frequent? If so, you’re not alone. A great many people just don’t bother. That’s not too serious a problem as long as you have an air conditioning maintenance agreement, but a lot of people don’t.

It’s not surprising. If you live in West Volusia county, you’re used to the Florida heat. And like most of us, you probably take air conditioning for granted. But just as most people don’t worry about buying an alarm until after someone breaks into their house, an equipment failure will soon change your mind. Temperatures in Orange City, DeLand and DeBary can easily go over 100 degrees in summer. If your air conditioning equipment fails, you’re in for a very unpleasant time.

If you find yourself without ac, make a call to a trustworthy ac maintenance company, but don’t expect them to come out straight away. Most give their regular customers priority, so if you don’t have a maintenance contract you could find yourself paying a great deal for repairs and having to wait in line.

The best way to keep cool is to make sure your windows are covered and keep the heat out during the day. Young children and the elderly are most at risk from prolonged exposure to heat, so keep everyone well hydrated. If you have a fan, fill bowls with ice and let the it blow cold air across the bowl. If the temperature lowers at night, you might want to open doors and windows. But be sure to keep the screens in place to keep out those pesky bugs!

Basic air conditioning maintenance doesn’t have to be done often. Most of our maintenance contracts allow for two visits a year to check that your ac equipment is in good condition: once just before and once after the hottest part of the summer. 

Your air conditioning protects your home from heat and humidity. It also protects your family’s health, so don’t take ac service for granted. Give us a call and let us give you a quote for an air conditioning maintenance contract. We’ll help you stay up and running. And if the worst should happen, we’ll be right nearby to take care of the problem.

Live your life in the sunshine, let us take the heat.


Serving West Volusia including: DeLand, Deltona, Orange City, DeBary, Cassadaga, Lake Helen, Enterprise & DeLeon Springs.

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